Claudia and Laura Cañigueral


Laura and Claudia Cañigueral are two sisters born in l’Empordà, north of Catalonia, but nowadays both have settled down in Barcelona.

Laura is a fashion designer and for many years she was working in one of the biggest fashion brands in Spain. She is exigent and perfectionist in her projects, she is always aware of the last trends and always open to discover new things and places.

“My favorite season is summer, I adore my region Empordà and Costa Brava. I love working using my hands and discovering new hobbies.”

Claudia is graduated in Business Administration by Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Receptive, dreamer and tenacious. She is always looking for differentiation in all she does.

“I love travelling, chatting with people around the world and facing new challenges.”



“Through the beauty of the selected objects we convey the essence of the moment.

Color and quality are our channels of communication, it is our way to express ourselves.

Our success is in achieving that your event has a magic and unique essence, the one you desire.”