The wedding of L&H

Elegance & informality for a summer wedding

These two words were the key to the design this summer wedding. L & H chose a town house where they could celebrate the ceremony, the banquet, the party and the stay of their relatives. An intimate, international wedding with very fun people that wanted to have fun!

The bride wanted a delicate and elegant wedding, she opted for a color palette consisting of roses, coral, and copper and off white, protagonists in many elements of the wedding. The flowers, the candy table, the tableware… followed the defined colors. The design of the table was very simple but nice, the chosen composition was our Módena chargerplate in ivory color, matte copper cutlery, Rosaline glassware, napkins and tablecloths in pale pink. We didn’t forget the groom, very friendly and enthusiastic. His wishes were also taken into account, live music throughout the evening, a bartender who prepared the best cocktail and an elegant but informal party.

This is how this magnificent wedding happened, we leave you a short summary of pictures.


wedding spain

tabletop rental

ceremony spain

wedding spain

tabletop rental

wedding sitges
tabletop rental

wedding spain

wedding spain

tabletop rental


Wedding planner: The experialist  / Photographer:  Kepa Fuentes 

The wedding of E&V

A novel wedding

It’s how we would define the E & V engagement. They were inspired by the story of a painter who fell in love with his muse at the end of the 19th century. The place where the banquet and the ceremony was held helped to immerse themselves in the story they wanted to tell. The exterior of the building reminded you of a castle and its interior of the early twentieth century was perfect. His great pictures of ancestors, the enormous chimneys of each room, mouldings on the ceilings…

The couple opted for a cheerful color palette, different shades of roses, mauves, lavender with a hint of fuchsia. The decoration of the whole event transported you to the story of the painter and his muse.

The ceremony took place in the gardens, a large floral arch in defined tones and wrought iron chairs. Then we proceeded with the aperitif that was accompanied by a pianist and a singer.

The banquet was held in one of the indoor rooms, round tables covered with lace tablecloths. The chairs chosen were the tiffany model in golden color. In the centre of all the tables there was a floral decoration next to a golden candelabra. For this wedding we chose the pink and golden Florence chargerplate, which combined with our Elba glassware and golden cutlery. The napkins were made especially for this wedding.

Here we leave you some photos of this dreamy couple.


wedding dress

fantasy wedding spain

ceremony wedding spain

fantasy wedding spain

fantasy ceremony spain

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Wedding: Oh my love wedding | Photography: Alina Skazka and Lena Karelova

25th wedding anniversary

We travel to Japan to celebrate a wedding anniversary

With just two months of planning the girls of Dream Wedding Europe organized one of the most beautiful celebrations we have attended on the Costa Brava. The inspiration that the couple asked for was Japan. They had recently made a trip there and fell in love with this country and its culture.

The couple celebrated the renewal of their vows in a small ceremony where friends and family members participated. The party then began with a crowd of diverse artists, many came directly from Japan. The event was filled by an original artistic program, sumo, geishas, various music groups, magicians, circus artists … Everything was designed to make the guests believe they were in Japan and have fun like never before!

We show you some photos, so you can also “travel to Japan.”


wedding inspiraction Japan

weddding inspirtación Japan, ceremony

Photocall flower

wedding inspiration Japan

geishas Japn

ceremony japan

Japanese food

outer tent

decoration inspiration Japan

decoration Japan

tabletop rental

party wedding japan


Planning & Styling : Dream Weddings Europe / Photographie : Saya Photography 


The wedding of Y&A

Just the two of us

It’s not common but sometimes there are couples who decide to marry in privacy in the strictest sense of the word, only the two of them. This was the decision made by Y & A, a couple who have traveled a lot and who wanted to do a small ceremony in Spain. Oh my love looked for a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Barcelona. The chosen place was Lleida, little known for tourists but with the charm of its forests, rivers…

The ceremony took place outside a little church and was accompanied by a singer and his guitar. Then a delicious candle-lit dinner awaited them at the hotel. We set up a romantic table with our lace tablecloth, pink and taupe tableware combined with our cutlery in matt gold and the Elba cup. The floral center, very elegant, was formed  by off white flowers, different tonalities of rose and touches of mallow.

Would you marry like that?


la vella farga, hotel

wedding spain

wedding spain

Bride's dress millanova

wedding spain

tabletopo rental

wedding ceremony spain



wedding ceremony, spain


Wedding planner: Oh my love / Photographer: Muravnik

The wedding of M&J

Delicate, sweet, natural…

It is the perfect definition for M & J wedding, a lovely couple who wanted everything to happen naturally and familiarly. They chose a typical Catalan stone house, “una masía”, located in the Empordà area.

The ceremony took place in the forest surrounding the “masía”.  Mireia Abras created a magical altar with leaves and roses. The color palette they chose was delicate, sweet, natural … powdered, soft tones, with some golden touches.

The banquet and the celebration took place in the gardens of the stonehouse. They combined rectangular wooden tables with round tables with linen tablecloths, nude chargerplates from our Modena collection combined with our Grenoble tableware in taupe color, matte golden cutlery,  Elba gold rimmed glassware and the Provenzal water glass.

An autumnal wedding with a lot of sweetness, we hope you like it.

mas mauri, empordà, spain

wedding spain

wedding accessories man

 wedding in the forest

live music

seating plan

tabletopo rental


tabletop rental

tabletop rental

ceremony spain, empordà


Wedding: 13 by Pilar Barceló / Photographer: Laura Chacón

The Wedding of L & A

Empordà in its purest form

The wedding of L & A took place in the Caramany Castle, in a small town of Girona. The castle has been cataloged as a Cultural Asset of National Interest. A place that evokes a lot of character and history.

The chosen color palette was off  white, wood, shades of green and reddish. They opted for a rustic decor that went very well with the setting of the celebration, a perfect combination of sobriety and elegance that evoked the castle.

We opted for round tables, dressed in 100% linen tablecloths, wooden plates in Florence collection, accompanied by our Modena tableware, copper cutlery and our Provençal glassware.

We show you some pictures of the event.


Photographer PabloLaguia

Photographer PabloLaguia

Photographer PabloLaguia

Photographer PabloLaguia


Photographer PabloLaguia, Corça

Photographer PabloLaguia, tabletop

Photographer PabloLaguia


Photographer PabloLaguia, dinnerware

wedding spain, empordà

PhotographerPabloLaguia, tabletop


Photographer PabloLaguia, gift

Photographer PabloLaguia night


Wedding: 13 by Pilar Barceló / Photographer: Pablo Laguia